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Heatmap Trading Strategy

A heatmap is an indicator representing currency quotations against different assets in real time. The indicator gives a trader a clear picture of the situation on stock markets. Properly used, currencies heatmap gives signals for profitable trading.

News Trading

News trading belongs to fundamental strategies. However, it does not exclude technical analysis. The chart does not always behave as predicted upon the news release. Therefore, the ability to wait is deemed to be crucial for profitable news trading.

Traders’ Choice Strategy

Foreign exchange trading enables traders to use not only technical and fundamental data, but also the psychological market factor. The traders’ choice indicator is useful here, because it graphically presents the most popular options at any given time. For example, if 1,000 traders are currently making transactions: 800 of them are placing call options while the other 200 are going for put options. The bar indicator is expressed as a percentage: 80% in green and 20% in red.

Price Channel Strategy

If you prefer making transactions without haste and with confidence in the outcome, you might want to try trading within the channel at night. This strategy may be used for all assets but outside the regular trading session, as profitable transactions require absolute calmness on the market.

Trading Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a new financial instrument that is enjoying enormous demand from various kinds of traders due to the high level of speculation in cryptocurrency. Trading in Bitcoin has become a self-sustaining market phenomenon.

Trading gold

Traders throughout history have been attracted to the use of gold as a trading instrument on financial markets. Once upon a time, this precious metal was equivalent to the value of certain currencies, but now all that remain from those times are pleasant memories. Gold is a volatile trading instrument.

Trading on Market Corrections

A correction is a change in the course of a market following a sustained trend that caused a market asset to become oversold or overbought. The strategy of trading on market corrections is a basic tool, and it should be mastered by every trader.