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SAR Strategy

The parabolic is an indicator allowing you to evaluate both price movements and the moment of their reversal. The full name of the indicator is the parabolic SAR, where the first word means the direction of the curve on the chart while SAR represents the abbreviation for “Stop and Reverse”.The indicator is among the most requested technical analysis tools. The parabolic SAR makes it possible to reduce the lag effect when reading the chart, provided there is a trend on the market.

Andrews' Pitchfork Indicator

The Andrews' Pitchfork indicator is a technical analytical tool. It was developed by Alan Andrews, an American engineer at the University of Massachusetts. Trading according to this system significantly simplifies the trading process.

MACD Indicator

The MACD indicator is best suited for trading on semi-volatile markets. However, the chart must show a clear trend. A chart with a narrower range will produce many fewer false signals than using other trend indicators.

Stochastic Indicator

A trading strategy based on the Stochastic indicator allows you to assess market momentum by determining the relative position of closing prices in a trading band while taking into account the minimum and maximum values over a particular number of days. The full name of the indicator is the Stochastic Oscillator.

Fibonacci Retracement Strategy

Many traders of binary options successfully use levels in their trading. Levels make it possible to apply technical indicators very effectively. One of the most effective indicators is Fibonacci retracement.