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Trend Reveral Trading

The reversal strategy in trading is carried out without any indicators. A trader must know how to analyse the candlestick chart and open transactions at the right time. During a trade session, the trend makes several reversals in both directions, which means the trader can make a significant profit by catching the right moment.

Absorption Strategy

The absorption strategy implies a particular combination of candles in which each of the following candles is bigger, from the lower to the higher point, than the previous one. When benefitting from this strategy, you may not use indicators, however, it is important to follow the candlestick chart and open transactions of the right type at the right moment.

Gap Trading

A gap is a price break due to a large volume. The main movements occur on the charts on business days, however, trends also continue to run continually at weekends. Official Friday quotations may significantly change on Saturday and Sunday, which provides traders with an opportunity to make an easy profit on Monday.

Pinocchio Strategy

The Pinocchio strategy has gained its name from pin bar candles looking just like the head of the fairy-tale character. The body of the candle stands for the head while the shadow is very similar to Pinocchio’s nose.When you discover such a candle on your chart, a trend change is about to take place. The longer the nose gets, the more likely it is that changes will occur on the chart. The Pinocchio strategy stands out with its simplicity and efficiency.

Three Candles Strategy

The Three Candles strategy is an example of a simple trading system that is highly effective at the same time. This strategy is based on patterns: it looks for when certain fluctuations appear together on a chart, since this provides a basis for making an effective prediction about how the price will change.

Seven Candles Strategy

Both experienced and novice traders like to trade according to the Seven Candles strategy. This system is simple to learn, and it does not require knowledge of the fine technicalities of the market. However, at the same time it is fairly effective and profitable.

Domino Strategy

The Domino strategy is most suitable for trading on a non-volatile market. The system itself is easy to follow, and it does not require the trader to have in-depth knowledge of currency markets.

Trend Trading Strategy

A trend shows the direction of the asset price. Trend trading is considered to be a baseline trading strategy on the stock market. We offer you both guidance on this trading method and recommendations on opening transactions.