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​What are bonus funds?​

Bonus funds are funds credited by ICM to your trading account to increase your trading potential. These funds shall be credited in accordance with the bonus or promotional programs held on the company's website.
Bonus funds can be credited to your trading account:
as a welcome bonus when you fund your trading account for the first time;
as a bonus for repeat funding of the account;
as a trading insurance payment in accordance with the terms of the insurance;
as the result of winning a prize in a contest held by the ICM company.
The promotional terms and amounts of bonus funds can vary according to the current offerings of our company.
The crediting of bonus funds shall be completed within one business day from the date of account funding or other action as the result of which the trader is entitled to receive the bonus.
Any profit earned by the trader when using the bonus in their trading account is considered the property of the trader and can be withdrawn.
If a no-deposit bonus is credited to the trader's account they have the right to withdraw both the amount of the bonus, as well as any profit earned using the bonus.
More detailed information regarding the conditions for crediting bonus funds and their withdrawal from a trading account can be provided by the ICM support service.

How is trading turnover for bonuses calculated?

Transaction turnover takes into account the potential earnings of a transaction, which depends on the current profitability of the asset: The amount of the transaction * The profit of the asset* Trading turnover is equal to the bonus amount multiplied by 10 different levels of leverage in the referral system

* For example Level 1 your referral system is trading 100 USD / 1 trading you will receive 1% of that order, equivalent to a bonus of 1 USD *
-Transaction revenue for a level 1 transaction will be a 1% bonus. * no conditions needed *
-Total level 1 trading volume reaches 3,000 USD will release level 2 leverage of 0.3% the bonus.
-Total level 1 trading volume reaches 6,000 USD will release level 3 leverage of 0.1% the bonus.
-Total level 1 trading volume reaches 9,000 USD will release level 4 leverage of 0.01% the bonus.
-Total level 1 trading volume reaches 15,000 USD will release level 5 leverage of 0.01% the bonus.
-Total level 1 trading volume reaches 24,000 USD will release level 6 leverage of 0.01% the bonus.
-Total level 1 trading volume reaches 39,000 USD will release level 7 leverage of 0.01% the bonus.
-Total level 1 trading volume reached 63,000 USD will release level 8 leverage of 0.01% the bonus.
-Total level 1 trading volume reaches 102,000 USD will release level 9 leverage of 0.01% the bonus.
-Total level 1 trading volume reaches 165,000 USD will release level 10 leverage of 0.01% the bonus.

How can I take part in tournaments?

To participate in a free tournament, just click on the "Sign up" button on the tournament page. To sign up for a paid tournament, you must have an amount in your real account that is equal to or higher than the cost of participation.
A tournament account appears after the start of the tournament and trades are made in virtual currency (₮). It is possible to use funds from a real account for rebuys in a tournament.

How do I receive my tournament prize?

Tournament prizes can be activated in the Gifts section in the left panel of the traderoom. After activating the prize, the balance amount of your real account will be increased by the amount of the prize. These funds can be used to trade on your real account or withdrawn.
Withdrawals are available to the cards and wallets from which payments were previously made.