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Does the platform offer a demo account?

Immediately after registration, you will receive a training account (demo account). This account is intended to be used for educational and training purposes. You will not be able to withdraw money from this account. You can perform trades in both your real and demo accounts at the same time by switching between them in the trading terminal.
In order to top up your demo account with funds, please sign out and log in again to your account on the platform.

How can I start working with ICM?

If you are already familiar with the basics of working on the market and know how to trade binary options, then you just need to top up your account, and you can start trading. The minimum amount of deposit is 1 USD. If you are not confident in your abilities, then practice with the demo account and be sure to check out our training materials.

Do I have to sign any documents before I start trading?

You do not need to sign anything. You agree to the customer agreement during registration.

Is there any restriction in working with some countries?

Country customers cannot use our services - it's the United States. Customers from this Country will not be able to register on our site and start trading.

Do I need to download any specialized software in order to conduct trades?

No. You execute trades exclusively through the web interface of the terminal on the icmdefi.com website. You can trade from any computer that is connected to the Internet. To do this, you must first register and then enter your username and password. To trade on smartphones, you need to download the ICM-DEFI application for your phone.

What is a binary option?

This is a stock exchange tool that allows you to open a transaction for a rise or fall in the price of an asset. All risks and profits are known before the transaction is concluded. You can open two types of transactions on the platform - turbo (short-term transactions with expiration of no more than 5 minutes) and binary (middle and long-term positions with expiration from 5 minutes to 3 months).

What is the expiration time?

The closing time is also called expiration time; it is the time at which the transaction closes. By transaction results, the trader either receives a payment which was agreed in advance or receives nothing. It all depends on whether traders' forecast has come true.

What is the closing price?

The closing price is the price of the asset at the time the position expires.

Under what conditions does the deal become profitable?

You make a profit in case your forecast came true. For example, you predicted that the price would increase (you've opened a CALL position) - in this case, the profit will be credited to the account if at the moment of the position expiration the asset price will be higher than when the deal was opened.

Can I order a callback from your support service?

Yes. Write a message requesting a call back to the e-mail address [email protected] . Usually support service staff will get back to you within one business hour.