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Our Values

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    Clients: Providing best customer service is our primary value. More than 100 account managers are focused on needs of our clients.

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    Reliability: Being industry leader we provide our clients with extra solidity. We are doing more than anyone else to satisfy needs of our clients.

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    Simplicity:Everybody can become a trader with our easiest to use trading platform. ICM is available on all modern platforms: Web, Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad and Android.

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    Speed: We provide fastest trading using cutting-edge technologies. No delays in order executions and lags in user interface.


Company Information: This website (www.icmdefi.com) is operated by ICM BECKER, a Germany investment firm, authorized and regulated by the International Financial Services Commission of Germany with license number 2020-01553. ICM Decentralized Finance is located at Unit Marschallstraße 12, 42329 Wuppertal, Germany. https://www.wuppertal.de/gewerbeauskunft-einf/default.aspx


Our trading platform is available on all devices

Security standards

All data is encrypted with strongest cryptographic algorithms

Accurate quotes

Real-time market data provided by leading analytical agencies